Employee Health

The AvaSci Employee Health Evaluation© allows employers to determine if potential employees are capable of performing the tasks needed in their job.  This evaluation can also predict injury and use remedial programs to help avoid injury.   Our advance motion capture  technology and patented analysis capability provides the edge needed to bend the cost curve associated with employee health management.
The AvaSci Injury Evaluation© is a disruptive solution for managing workers compensation claim.  This patented evaluation can identify employees who are feigning or exaggerating injury.  The US spends $200 billion on disability payments annually.  Research shows that 30-50% may be exaggerated.   Founder, Joe Luciano says “this is a game changer”.
Monmouth County NJ has won the prestigious Teddy Award as a result in implementing this solution. Our 3D motion capture solutions are efficient and easy to use. Most evaluations can be completed in under 20 minutes.  Our solutions are surprisingly affordable.
For more information or an online demonstration please email us at info@AvaSci.com