Leading healthcare providers recognize the importance of a building a strong healthcare brand.  The AvaSci – Healtcare© solutions deliver sophisticated physical evaluation capabilities that allow physicians and physical therapists to evaluate joint function, document pre/post surgery, deliver injury avoidance services and furnish sophisticated executive physicals.   It is a tool that stands out and sends a message that your facility is a leader in physical evaluations.  This helps generate increased revenue and attract referrals from sports and fitness professionals.
Our 3D motion capture is efficient and easy to use most evaluations can be completed in under 20 minutes. Our evaluation reports can be customized to your specific needs.
 Motion capture evaluations are recognized by many insurance carriers. The AvaSci – insurance processing service will manage this critical component.
 Joining the AvaSci community of health, fitness and sports professionals help generate referrals that can propel your business and improve your brand image as a leader in sports medicine.
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