AvaSci – Fitness©  Solution provides the ability to generate custom and industry standard fitness evaluation reports with dynamic 3D animations to support the analysis. Our sophisticated 3D motion capture analysis will help your business stand out.  Whether it is a customers initial evaluation or any of the value added sports related products, our solutions help you stand out as the leader in your market.
Assessing joint function movement, adjacent joint impact and range of motion are the cornerstones to physical fitness.   Our solutions allow fitness professionals to offer strong injury prevention programs and as well as fitness evaluation & monitoring.  We support industry standard evaluations like FMS (Functional Movement Screen) and have a library of fitness and sports specific evaluations. Evaluation reports can be customize to your specific method.  Either way, you stand out from the others
Our partner program will allow you to add local sports training professionals to your evaluation process.  This strengthens your evaluations and generates increased referrals.  More importantly it positions your business as a leader in sports and fitness evaluations.
Our 3D motion capture solutions add an amenity that will attract customers and improve your market position.   The solutions are  powerful and surprisingly affordable,  Joining the AvaSci community of health, fitness and sports professionals will propel your business and improve your brand image.
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